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A Consensus Handbook

cover of A Consensus Handbook

Co-operative decision-making for activists, co-ops and communities

This comprehensive book explains the spirit and philosophy of co-operative decision making as well as providing practical guidance on how to facilitate a consensus process. It looks at common situations and explain the skills and tools your group can use to ease the path to a decision. The book covers techniques for decision-making in small and large groups as well as virtual meetings.

We've also included material on some of the pitfalls and problems you and your group may face - and have provided some suggestions of how to deal with them!

Whether you're new to consensus or are experienced; whether you think it's the best way to make decisions or are struggling to make it work: A Consensus Handbook is for you.

Available as Ebook and Paperback


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228pp, A5, illustrated, ISBN: 978-0957587106
1st edition 2013, reprint 2016

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Also available in Russian

Translated by Radical Theory and Practice and available for download here PDF 10MB Настольная книга по консенсусy.